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Brain Recharge

Brain Recharge Brain Recharge offers brain-based guided meditations, relaxation techniques, and meditation music to help you reduce stress, promote self healing, and recharge your brain power. Streamable HD content at your fingertips, An ever-growing meditation library, 100+ brain-based topics such as chakra balancing, crystal healing, brain vitality, and more, Meditations unique to Brain Education for… Continue reading Brain Recharge

Dynamic Analysis

Dynamic Analysis Electric car app Electric cars – Magic pill or poison for electricity prices – the $8 billion question Electric cars offer great advantages – a greener way of filling up at a cheaper cost. But our app wanted to know how electric cars will impact electricity prices – will the average cost per unit… Continue reading Dynamic Analysis


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Bewta Salon Booking

Bewta Salon Booking World’s smartest appointment booking software Fill your calendar, maximise your booked time and delight new and existing clients with a beautiful and intelligent booking solution. Online booking that keeps you in control Take Bookings Online With online booking from your Instagram, Facebook and website your clients can discover your business and book 24/7. Make… Continue reading Bewta Salon Booking

NBT portal

NBT portal New Breeding Technologies (NBTs) are a new set of breeding technologies for crops. Initially, NBTs referred to plants generated with recombinant DNA technology (Genetically Modified – GM – transgenic or ‘Biotech’ crops). Growth of all these crops in Australia and elsewhere is subject to stringent and costly government regulations. This project leverages technical expertise, regulatory compliance… Continue reading NBT portal