Our Approach

We have an approach which delivers successful projects to our clients.

Our Approach

We recognise that each project is unique. Our software development team has a wide range of skills, and works flexibly to accommodate your business’ needs.

We are able to use a range of different methods to ensure that our clients get the solution that is most suitable and effective for their business needs and goals.

Scrum or Waterfall — We’ve Got Your Back

All that’s needed to get the ball rolling is a few emails or documents. We also engage in video conferencing and screen-sharing sessions so that our software development team has a clear understanding of what is required.

We’re with you from conception to launch, and even after the custom app goes live, our software development team will monitor the servers to make sure that everything runs smoothly.


Agile Scrum methodology is integral to the software design process for our web and mobile development. It has risen in popularity worldwide due to its effectiveness in developing complex custom web and mobile apps.

  •  User interaction and experience is valued more than processes and tools.
  • Efficient coding is more important than extensive documentation.
  • Customer engagement is more important than commitments to contracts.
  • Adaptability is more important than following a set plan.


The waterfall model is ideal where a complete specification (or a solution to a business problem) still needs to be developed. This usually occurs in long-term projects where periodic adjustments to business software are required.

At SofHub, each waterfall project follows four stages: Elaboration, Implementation, Stabilization, and Transition.

  • Our software designers will decide on the project scope, and then prepare the detailed specification.
  • Based on daily reports, time sheets and pre-negotiated rates, the work is billed at the end of every month.
  • Our software development team will begin work as soon as the full agreement is signed and the initial payment is received.
  • We will estimate the logistics regarding cost and personnel. We will prepare a contract for signature once these key terms have been approved by you. Every aspect of our business relationship is covered by the full agreement. This includes licensing and intellectual property issues, commercial confidentiality, the extent of our warranty, the agreed period of maintenance and support, etc.

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