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    Application Software Development Company

    We Provide Service Across The Globe

    Our web development team implements thoughtful design and engineering to produce scalable web apps which account for the rising demand for interactivity and usability that’s why we always hold the ranking in the field of app development among all the application software development companies in USA & UAE. Our agency based in Phoenix, Arizona, USA and UAE.

    Fast Service

    We are dedicated to continuously improving our innovative methods to develop the most efficient software applications. Our experienced team of IT experts use their many years of industrial knowledge and technical ability to ensure a fast turnaround for our clients.

    Safe Delivery

    Our delivery optimisation solutions enable us to effectively oversee the way applications are constructed and managed, providing our clients with a safe user experience

    24/7 Support

    Much of our success comes from building long lasting relationships with our clients, therefore we always have our tech experts available to help you at any time

    Web Application Development

    Our phoenix, Arizona based web development team implements thoughtful design and engineering to produce scalable web apps which account for the rising demand for interactivity and usability that’s why we always hold the ranking in the field of app development among all the application software companies in USA and UAE.


    Through our in-depth understanding of technological developments, our thorough market research capabilities, and our creative skills, we are able to consistently provide our clients with web application services that drive effective results to their businesses. We work closely with organisations to create the best solution in accordance with their goals and objectives. 


    We focus on delivering both great design and functionality, in order to ensure the best possible user experience, and are experienced in providing the highest standard service, where we focus on timely delivery, cost effectiveness, and the development of customised products.  

    Angular Js



    React JS

    We use one of the most efficient open-source web application frameworks, where we are able to create rich internet applications. Angular JS is renowned for its ability to build high performance, easy to use, web applications on a large scale. Using this framework, we can turn  HTML-based documents into valuable, dynamic content for our clients. 

    Angular JS enables us to develop a single page application in a simple, and easy to maintain manner. Applications made using Angular JS are compatible with all major browsers and smart-phones, including iOS based phones and tablets, and Android. This framework is popular among our team of developers due to its detailed interactive features, as well its architecture which has made it renowned for its efficiency.

    .Net is a development platform suitable for building any type of app, and consists of key capabilities for creating good quality apps. This software development platform enables us to create applications that can run on the Windows platform. This framework allows us to create both form-based and web-based applications and it also supports a variety of programming languages, in order for our team to select the one most suitable for each project.

    We use .Net to develop a variety of applications, whether web or mobile based. This framework is sufficient for a large range of functionalities, and is in line with industry standards, allowing us to produce applications to the best possible standard.

    At Sofhub, we understand that having an aesthetically pleasing website can provide your business with competitive advantage, therefore, we use this server side language to create high quality, productive web applications. This platform supports a wide range of databases, and functions at an optimal development speed. PHP is the most in demand scripting language, designed specifically for high quality web development. 

    As a large proportion of the world’s most successful websites are developed with PHP, we are always building on our current skill set, to guarantee that we provide the best service of its kind.  PHP offers full flexibility, and can service any online requirements for your business.

    We use React JS as an efficient, flexible library for creating user interfaces. React JS allows us to build reusable components, and record user actions using Javascript logic. It is successful in handling all views of an application, whether mobile or web based.

    Why choose us

    What Makes Us Different

    • We are passionate about customers
    • We are energetic and eager
    • We are performance driven
    • We are successful
    Why customers love us

    We are passionate about customers

    Our goal is to always build long lasting relationships based on excellent communication and trust. We take pride in working with many successful companies worldwide, and we recognise our responsibility for providing them with effective solutions, to continue to help them thrive. 

    We have developed some of the best relationships as a result of our completed projects, and we communicate with our clients at all stages of the development process, so that we create the best outcome for their specific goals.

    Why customers love us

    We are energetic and eager

    Much of our success and pleasant relationships come from the passion we hold for using our technical ability to give our clients the results they want. We go above and beyond to ensure that all of our client’s needs are met, and are always available to answer any questions, and we welcome feedback to help us to continue to work hard to maintain our excellent customer service. 

    We love what we do, and we believe that this is evident in our performance and results. We have a passion for technology, and creating the best possible solutions for all kinds of businesses. Our team of software developers are always happy to learn something new, and take new challenges as an opportunity to develop their skill set.

    Why customers love us

    We are performance driven

    We understand the importance of having a proactive approach in this industry, and the benefits that this has on our end result. We are always looking for ways to improve, therefore we keep up to date with our performance. We use performance metrics to monitor projects, and to ensure that our tasks are meeting the desired requirements. This also allows us to provide our clients with consistent updates regarding time management, budget information, and quality of the performance. 

    Monitoring our projects at each stage also enables us to maintain focus, and to identify any challenges or opportunities at the earliest possible time. Having such metrics integrated into our service, helps us to create the best possible solution for our clients.

    Why customers love us

    We are performance driven

    Together with our natural passion for software development, our customer service solutions, and our desire to thrive in the industry, we are proud of our achievements thus far, and are happy to have provided client’s with some of the best business solutions. 

    We understand that each project is different, and will require specific measures to achieve results. Take a look at some of our recent projects that we have enjoyed being a part of. 

    Using our expertise, we have successfully delivered outstanding results to many businesses, whether large or small, and are to have solved many challenges

    Delivered Projects

    Delivered Projects

    Tech Gurus

    Tech Gurus

    Satisfaction Rate

    Satisfaction Rate

    AI and Machine learning

    We have the ability to create the best software tools using our advanced technological methods. We use artificial intelligence in order to create the best quality applications, with a wide range of capabilities and functions.


    Our AI integration benefits our clients through its precise analytical ability by using audience segmentation, fraud detection, financial risk evaluation, and machine learning assisted recommendations.


    We take pride in understanding our customers business requirements, so that we can develop a solution that is fit for purpose, giving them the best results for their business. 



    We provide efficient custom software development solutions.

    Tailored results for businesses

    • Marketing TechnologyWe recognise that our client’s require unique tailored applications, to deliver the best results. We combine our market research ability with our software development expertise to help businesses achieve bigger rewards.
    • Highly reliable and scalable web applications Our software development technology is equipped with architecture that can meet all high performance demands, whilst ensuring that security remains a priority.
    • Full Cycle Software Development CompanyOur software development team knows the importance of having a complete understanding of our client’s business, and our team are here to provide full transparency and excellent communication to make sure we meet all client’s demands. Our clients are mostly from USA and UAE.


    Our many years of expertise has made us leading software developers in a variety of different industries, where we understand the unique requirements needed to help all of our clients achieve their best results. 


    We create solutions to enable you to access data in an efficient, secure manner 

    Banking and Finance

    We can service a wide range of solutions in the finance and banking industry; we develop end-to-end mobile banking applications, with optimum security and advanced functionality

    Media and Advertising

    We create user friendly solutions in accordance with our client’s audience requirements


    We help technology businesses take advantage of large scale innovation, by ensuring we help our client’s to stay ahead of the competition in this thriving industry


    We create solutions to help retailers service their customers in an efficient, customer-focused manner

    Real Estate

    We combine our technical ability with our design capabilities to create profitable, aesthetically pleasing solutions for our client’s in the real estate industry 

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