NBT portal

NBT portal

New Breeding Technologies (NBTs) are a new set of breeding technologies for crops. Initially, NBTs referred to plants generated with recombinant DNA technology (Genetically Modified – GM – transgenic or ‘Biotech’ crops). Growth of all these crops in Australia and elsewhere is subject to stringent and costly government regulations.
This project leverages technical expertise, regulatory compliance information and the use of science diplomacy to create a multi-stakeholder engagement environment for commercialisation of New Breeding Technologies.
To a large extent, small exporters do not have the resources to have full information and knowledge on the working of NBTs as well as the regulatory landscape. Because deregulation of SDN-1 has only been approved recently, there is at present no holistic resource in Australia, virtual or otherwise, designed to assist exporters and farmers on how they can benefit from NBTs. Based on this gap and window of opportunity, the portal will be a one-stop resource for small and medium enterprises interested in exporting NBT products.
Specific features of the portal include:

  • Access to Australian exporters and associated industries
  • Up-to-date global information on the regulatory status and changes for NBTs globally
  • Basic information on how NBT’s are being adopted for crop improvement in grains and the commercialization pathways in Australia
  • Provision of market access documents outlining standard operating procedures for NBT exports destined for different countries
  • Information on project training workshops for exporters and farmers
  • Availability of our market reports for global adoption of NBTs
  • Provision of consultations for exporters to provide technical support

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