Tips to Discover a Great Web Developer for Your Next Online Project

A web developer can be one of the most critical hires you’ll make for the technical prowess of your product. That person will create the online persona of your business and enable you to interact virtually with your customers. So, there is a lot at stake

So, it’s especially important that you hire the right talent the first time out. Otherwise, you risk hurting your business, as well as wasting time and money seeking a replacement.

In this article, we’ll present you with five tips that can help you discover a great web developer for your next online project.

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Tip 1: Choose the type of Web Developer you want

Web development and design is a very saturated industry. This is great for you as an entrepreneur since this gives you a lot of room to find the perfect fit for your project.

You can work with individual freelancers and there are a lot to choose from on platforms like UpWork and Freelancer.

Or, you can go for a web development agency that specializes in web design & development. They’re made up of small-medium sized design and development teams that work together on client projects.

You can also go for a full-service agency which is a full-service digital marketing agency that provides all kinds of services from web development to SEO, PPC Social Media Marketing, and more.

Tip 2: Portfolio is Important

The first step to hiring the best web developer is looking at their portfolio. You want to know if they have the required experience within your industry. Their portfolio can give you a great insight into the kind of skills and abilities that web developer has.

If they have experience in your industry, you can look at websites they’ve designed for other companies similar to yours. This can you an insight into the web developer to see how they produce designs for your industry.

Tip 3: Go through Client Testimonials

Client testimonials give you insight into the type of work a web developer has done for their clients. When you aren’t familiar with a website developer, client testimonials and reviews help you ascertain if that web developer will provide you with great services.

Tip 4: Get to know their additional skills

Before you hire web developers, ask them about their additional skills, apart from their expertise. Ask them about other areas connected with your website like SEO, PPC, Analytics, and see if they’re familiar with these or not. Familiarity with such subjects can imply that the web developer will be able to easily communicate with other teams like marketing and PR.

Tip 5: Ask Questions

You’ll only get answers to the questions you ask! So, don’t hesitate to ask questions before you go ahead and hire a web developer. You might not know much about web design and development. So, you should ask as many questions as you can before reaching a final decision!

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