Things Java Programmers should know in 2021

Things Java Programmers should know in 2021

1. DevOps (Jenkins)

If you are an experienced Java programmer with a passion for managing the environment, automation, and improving overall structure, you can become a DevOps Engineer. Become proficient with Jenkins is essential to succeed as a Java Developer.

2. Git

Today, most companies are migrating their projects from SVN, CVS to Git. So, it is about time that you started to learn and eventually master Git.

3. Spring Framework 5

It’s been a couple of years since we had seen many significant upgrades to Spring and Java Ecosystem, and Spring Framework 5 is one of them. We have been hearing about some new features like the reactive programming model on Spring 5, adoption of Java 8 and 9, some unit testing improvement, etc. So, it makes sense to know that in 2021!

4. Unit Testing

There are a lot of new frameworks and tools available for Java programmers to unit test and integration test their application. These include Mockito and PowerMock for mocking objects, Robot Framework and Cucumber for automated integration test, and the JUnit 5 library.

5. RESTful Web Service

Having knowledge about writing REST API and implementing secure and scalable RESTful Web Service in Java using Spring is an essential skill.

This is one skill that’s highly desirable in the Java world and there are not many people who know both Java and REST very well.

6. Spring Security 5.0

This is the third major upgrade on Spring Eco-System. The 5th version of the popular security framework has several bug fixes and a major OAuth 2 module. You just cannot miss this.

7. Angular 2+ or React JS

These two JavaScript frameworks have completely changed how you develop web applications. So, it would distinguish you from other Java developers if you are proficient in Angular 2+ or React JS.

8. Docker and Kubernetes

Today, Docker and Kubernetes are used by almost every development team. Irrespective of a large enterprise or a small startup, chances are that they’re using Docker and Kubernetes. It’s safe to say that if you’re entering the workforce now, you’ll most likely brush up against Docker at some point.

So, it would really help you if you know and understand these beforehand and can work with them!

9. Network Programming

Java developers need to improve their socket programming and networking fundamentals. If you feel that you have not gotten enough opportunity to learn socket programming in Java or that you don’t need to, then I suggest you read at least one good book on Java networking, NIO, and socket programming.

10. Java 12 to 15

The last few years have seen a couple of big releases, and two of them were JDK 12 and 13. So, in 2021, you must take a look at these new releases of Java and make sure that you’re up to date with the new features. It would help make you a lot more versatile programmer.

These are the 10 things that Java programmers should know in 2021. We hope that you found this list useful. If you’ve got any questions, let us know in the comments below and we’d love to help you out!

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