Dedicated Development Center

Our team provide excellent service by combining technical expertise with great client relationships, all under one roof

Connect With Our Group of 20+ Passionate Development Experts

Our aim as a software development agency is not only to produce great software, but also to optimise productivity and build positive, long lasting relationships with our clients. This is why we formed a dedicated development center.

Shrink Costs, Adapt to An Evolving Market, Always Meet Your Target

Sofhub-Managed Dedicated Teams

Don’t have your own software department as like other Software development agency? No problem! Our talented and flexible software development team is at your disposal. SofHub’s software development team is geared to take care of all your technology needs. Our software designers are professional and are under stringent management. Our level of involvement and monitoring is completely up to you, our valued client. We provide full transparency throughout the software development process.

Client-Managed Dedicated Teams

Does your team need a helping hand with an ongoing project? Led by your elected project manager, our expert software engineers are readily available. We can provide you with the resources, technology and knowledge required. Our software development team possesses great attention to detail, and they are trained to fill the gaps in your project whilst complying with established business practices. We available to our client assistance for software development consulting.

Offshore DDC Setup and Operation

Your Dedicated Team With Sofhub

  • Is hand-picked to fit in with your specific business software needs;
  • Communicates effectively and offers full transparency at all times;
  • Will visit and/or work from your premises on demand;
  • Possesses a comprehensive understanding of your business.

Is hand-picked to fit in with your specific business software needs;

 Having the most effective software is vital for the success and smooth running of our client’s business. We service both small and large businesses, across a variety of different industries.

Communicates effectively and offers full transparency at all times;

We know that in order to service a business to its full potential, we must communicate well with our client, providing full transparency, so that we are able to implement solutions that our clients are happy with.

Will visit and/or work from your premises on demand;

 We understand the various timelines and deadlines that our client’s often face within their business, therefore our flexibility aims to ease the pressure by finding the most suitable time to visit your premises. 

Possesses a comprehensive understanding of your business.

In addition to our software development proficiency, we have gained experience providing solutions for many different industries, therefore we always work to have an in-depth understanding of both the strategies and requirements of your business.

Why SofHub

Whether you choose a software development team, a QA team or a tech support team, SofHub offers your business the freedom to have full control of the project. Our dedicated teams are responsibly monitored to ensure that productivity and efficiency match the targets set by your business.
  • All Your Needs Under One RoofYou can choose from a range of solutions and find the best fit for your business goals
  • Retained and Applied KnowledgeEach individual project that we work on enhances our expertise and ability to consistently improve our service
  • A Working Environment Optimised For ProductivityWe implement the right technical infrastructure helping us to be more efficient in terms of time, cost, and performance.
  • Expansible TeamOur team is always growing and gaining new expertise to add to our portfolio.

Our Advantages

We are able to use our technical capabilities to optimise every aspect of your technical investment. We use tools to help provide you with complete transparency both before and after the implementation of your business solutions.

Let's build your dream team!

We look forward to working with you and providing a custom software solution to suit your needs. Feel free to give us a call or send us a message using the form below.

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