How to Develop the Next Great Streaming App?

The days when your family would argue about which series or movies to watch are long gone. Today, there is unlimited entertainment content available online. From educational videos to a broad range of TV series, you could watch just about anything at any time and anywhere. Research shows that the streaming market will be worth $125 billion in the next four years. The mobile apps that offer live streaming services are gaining immense popularity recently.

In fact, some streaming services allow users to watch their favorite shows for absolutely free for the first few weeks. Even the monthly fee of the best video streaming apps is quite reasonable, making it quite an affordable option for movie fans. Take Netflix and Amazon Prime, for example. Both apps offer exceptional streaming services with HD quality videos and subtitles for foreign content. The best part is they are available for a very reasonable price, making the services accessible to the audience. So, how can you develop a streaming app? How to build an app that’s as successful as Netflix and other popular streaming apps? Let’s find out.

1.Identify Your Niche

What type of content do you plan on offering to the users? Does it have to be the movies, web series, and other such entertainment content? Or, should you offer fitness and educational videos? The options are countless. It is important to identify your niche so that you can create an app that caters to the requirements of your target audience. If you are creating unique content, you could easily use it on the app. However, you may have to get a license if you are renting shows and movies.

2.Select Your Monetization Program

If you are planning to telecast sports videos, boxing shows, and other such content, then you may have to use the pay-per-view model. The viewer will have to pay a specific price for watching each video. If you want to attract the attention of the audience, then free video streaming app is the perfect way to bring organic traffic to your app.

You could still monetize your app by collaborating with companies and charging them for displaying the ads in the middle of the videos. The subscription-based model is another great option for those who want a stable pricing strategy.

3. The Development Stage

This is where you need to focus on the functional and non-functional requirements of the streaming services. You are supposed to focus on the design and development of the app, set deadlines, and hire a professional app developer for the coding, UX, and UI part. The key to Netflix’s popularity is its clean interface and intuitive design.

Check out the latest free video streaming apps and take inspiration from their design and interface. Your viewers must be able to navigate different movies, web series, shows, and other content easily. App development is the most crucial and time-consuming part of the process. Hire qualified and professional developers to launch your mobile app in the market.

4. App Testing

Testing is another important step in mobile app development. All the top video streaming apps were developed and tested before they were launched on Google AppStore and PlayStore. You must hire a team of software testers to ensure that your app will run seamlessly on all devices and browsers. This is the stage where all the technical glitches and other possible errors will be detected and fixed by the app developers.

After testing, gather the user feedback on your app and launch it. The total price you pay for the app depends on the complexity of the app and the developers you hire.

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