The Advantages of Custom Software

The Advantages of Custom Software

A question that has existed since the dawn of E-commerce: which is better for your business – off-the-shelf or custom software?

At first glance, off-the-shelf software might seem like the obvious choice. Since it is developed for a larger audience, it usually costs less than custom software. However, when it comes to performance, off-the-shelf software tends to fall short of the mark.

Here are some of the advantages of custom software:

>> Customization

Choose the features you need. Get rid of the features you don’t need. Being able to customize software allows for added functionality and prevents unnecessary features from clogging up system resources.

>> Automation

Custom software streamlines internal operations, leading to an increase in productivity. It also improves the user experience for your customer, which results in more sales.

>> Timely upgrades

With custom software, you are able to update and upgrade your software as required. This means that you don’t have to wait for the next update to be released by off-the-shelf developers.

>> Adaptability

Quicker upgrades mean greater adaptability to changing conditions in a highly competitive market.

>> Scalability

Not only should business software handle the current requirements of the business, but it should also allow for expansion. Whilst off-the-shelf software doesn’t offer this option, custom software is easy to scale and to replicate.

>> Gain a competitive advantage

Custom software provides you with unique features which are tailored to your needs. Since these features are exclusive to your business, you gain a competitive advantage.

It is plain to see that custom software solutions offer many advantages over off-the-shelf software. It is important for businesses to be as efficient as possible, and this is where off-the-shelf software is limiting.

Businesses often opt for custom software solutions. However, many businesses don’t account for the sheer amount of resources required to produce custom software in-house. In addition to paying for every step of the development process (design, testing, and execution), companies have to think about ongoing costs for support and maintenance. Outsourcing is the most common solution to this problem, as resources are readily available.

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