IOS Development Services

We deliver all IOS compatible apps with optimal functionality and design.

Your Path to the App Store

The world’s most advanced operating system provides new avenues for businesses. Our software development team has extensive experience in iOS software development. We provide you with custom software solutions that make the most of features which are exclusive to iPhones and iPads. We strive to provide you with unmatched levels of professionalism throughout the software development process.


iPad Development

Custom enterprise iPad apps

Our team of ipad developers have experience in considering all specifications necessary to create a top performing application, as well as an aesthetically pleasing layout, resulting in the best user experience

Financial solutions on iPad

We create financial solutions for businesses in many different industries. We create solutions that are easy to use, secure, highly functionable, and engaging. We present financial solutions in a way that makes it easier for clients to absorb and interlalize information, resulting in better overall engagement.

Productivity and Utility apps

Our many years of experience has made us enjoy finding the best ways to help our clients. We create productivity apps which can help businesses to optimise performance by helping them to manage their workload, organise meetings or events, and collaborate with teams. Our aim is to help businesses to create the best possible customer experience.

Stand alone and Apps with web integration

We create standalone apps with web app integration, allowing users to modify, share, and edit documents that are stored using a third-party application. This allows a variety of features to be accessed through the integration pop up menu. We enjoy making applications for our clients that will benefit their overall business processes.

GPS, mapping location services

We want businesses to do well in the current mobile application market, therefore our team invests time to gain new knowledge and skills regarding the trend of geolocation. We are able to integrate geolocation into mobile applications, opening the door for new business ideas and competitive advantage for our clients.

Application migration and porting for Website Slider

We understand that most businesses, whether small or large, rely on a number of essential applications to operate their business to the best possible standard. Our team of experts use our relevant skills and experience to help businesses to move applications in a simple, yet effective manner.

Medical & Healthcare apps

We understand the importance of the medical and healthcare industry, and the rise in healthcare technology. The advancements of healthcare technology apps are becoming increasingly more competitive, and we want to help businesses change the way patients and medical professionals interact by creating top performing applications.

iPhone Development


Our team of iphone app developers work hard to design and build suitable applications with strong layout and functionality. We aim to provide the best apps that achieve great results within the app store.

Business apps

We create the best business apps for both smaller and larger businesses. Our apps create tools which allow our clients to maximise their efficiency. Our teams use their excellent understanding of current business practices to automate and maximise the performance of every day tasks.

Utility apps

We know that companies are always looking for new ways to do things, in a simple, efficient, yet effective manner. Our expertise allows us to create utility apps for businesses, helping them to do more things. We can create apps for a variety of different industries, therefore we can create features that benefit many different business goals.


We are capable of using many tools and functionalities to create the best games apps for all types of businesses. We have worked with a wide range of clients, therefore our team are experts at developing the most exciting and captivating games for many different industries and purposes.

Entertainment iOS apps

We have a great understanding of the competitive environment surrounding the development of IOS apps for the purpose of entertainment. Our team works hard to create the best performing applications for our clients, helping businesses to stay ahead within a dynamic digital environment.


We are able to create a wide range of apps designed to cater to the education sector. Whether businesses need to tailor apps to high school students, graduates,or simply those who find enjoyment in gaining more knowledge, our expert team can create interactive solutions to provide education on the go.

Steps towards your app’s success

  • A custom application tailored to your unique needs;We work closely with all of our clients to create unique applications that adhere to individual business goals.
  • Your involvement in each step of the custom app’s development;We interact with our clients’ to ensure they have the best possible experience while working with us.
  • A detail-oriented approach and a high standard of quality;We make sure we get all of the information required from our clients in order to make the end result a success.
  • An skilled team of iOS programmers with a wealth of experience.We use our knowledge from previous work to ensure the best possible results.

Our Offer

We are a full service iOS app development company providing services that cover all stages of the development cycle, from concept to distribution. We have a proven track record of methodology and an experienced, talented team, and we deliver end-to-end custom products that incorporate the complete range of iOS devices, including iPad, Apple TV, watchOS and iPhone app development. We’re the iOS development partner of choice for some of the world’s leading companies, taking a user-focused approach to help clients build better mobile relationships with their customers. We have many successful iOS development stories, and we are happy to create solutions for all businesses in a range of different industries.

Let's talk about your project

Connect with SofHub’s iOS development team to discuss your custom app.
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