PHP Development

We use this general purpose server-side language to make high performance applications.

Our areas of expertise

We have a talented team of developers who are experienced in completing projects with their PHP expertise. Our team are able to provide effective solutions for our clients.

Tailored php solutions

Usable and scalable applications

Wide range of expertise

Tailored php solutions

About it

Our team understand that this general purpose programming language can serve our clients businesses in its own unique way, therefore we provide tailored solutions to create the most suitable web applications for our clients’ needs.

We take time to understand our clients’ goals so that we can create solutions, custom build for top performance and excellent results. During our consultancy stage we are able to talk through the desired outcomes and results with our clients, enabling us to ensure that we develop and execute an effective plan which produces great results.

Usable and scalable applications

About it

Our PHP web developers are able to create applications that are scalable and are compatible with a range of different frameworks such as Symfony, Codeigniter, Zend, CakePHP and more. Our web developers are able to create scalable and cost-effective solutions for start-ups to enterprise level projects.

We are able to create applications that are adaptable to our customer requirements, so that there is no need to redesign continuously. This time efficient and effective manner helps us to achieve the best results.

Wide range of expertise

About it

We offer a number of framework options for websites and web applications, and are competent in using the most functional and technically advanced options. We create software for all types of organisations, including CMS, CRM, and ERP.

We are experienced in creating ecommerce applications powered by some of the most popular online platforms such as Magneto, Opencart, and UberCart. After completing a number of similar projects, we are able to take advantage of the numerous available frameworks, to produce a successful project.

Quality PHP Development

We make sure that all stages of the development processed are controlled and monitored, and have the most effective quality management tools in place

Code quality management

We monitor our code quality, by consistently analyzing the quality of code, enabling us to provide the best overall result for our clients. We are able to monitor all code, whether it is a smaller or larger scale project. We produce in-depth code review reports that offer recommendations that we are able to follow to optimize the project. We use code analysis tools, such as SonarQube and Veracode. Our code analysis methods are both efficient and effective, and provide us with resolutions that can be implemented immediately.

QA and Automated Testing

We offer the best QA expertise, and provide testing for performance related factors such as functionality and usability. We are dedicated to making sure that our final solutions are of the best possible quality. Our testing team has extensive technological experience and knowledge, and is involved in all stages of the QA and automated testing process. We gather detailed QA reports, enabling results and performance related issues to be clearly documented.

Risk Management

Our many years of experience within the field allow us to effectively implement risk related strategies for all types of businesses. We carefully analyze risk in order to decide on the most effective action conducted by our experts. We provide risk documentation, designed with clarity for excellent transparency.

Case studies

We take pride in using our innovative methods to create successful projects, helping businesses to keep up to date with digital advancements

Case study

Case study

Case study

Why do we use it?


We use the best frameworks that enable scalability and usability, and we follow development standards, which allows code to be well organised, and beneficial for the growth of applications

Content Management Systems

We utilise the benefits of a content management system to successfully manage and optimise web content. Our CMS expertise enables us to create good quality web pages.

Data Management

We take advantage of the best data management tools available in order to process and organise volumes of data. This makes it possible to store data at an efficient speed at optimum quality.


Using a Task Queue allows you to effectively manage workload, adding more team members where necessary. Using this flexible and efficient method of sending and retrieving messages, results in better performance overall.

Cloud Computing Platforms

Cloud computing platforms make it possible to run your business with easy access, enabling companies to connect to many resources. These platforms are efficient and cost effective, as information can be accessed at any time, from any location.

Third Party APIS

APIs enable businesses to save both time and money by reusing particular software, instead of developing it from scratch. This allows companies to benefit from many advantages, such as the ability to attract more customers efficiently.

Let us get to know you better!

We look forward to working with you and providing a custom solution to suit your needs. Feel free to give us a call or send us a message using the form below.
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