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Mobile Project Examples

Fit Center

Fit Center is an on-the-go custom software solution for all your fitness needs. It offers integrated workouts, nutrition tracking, as well as a community for support.

  • In-app purchases are available;
  • Progress and selected workout routines are tracked for a recurring monthly fee;
  • The monthly fee is kept minimal to attract subscription;
  • The app creates an opportunity for ad revenue;
  • Customers enjoy increased interactivity.


WhatinYourWorld is an application that provides an array of travel-related content. Users can search locations (nearby or worldwide) and favorite them. The app is not location-restricted, and users can search for hotels, restaurants, tourist attractions etc.

Karl Meyer

This custom app was designed for technicians to facilitate admin work whilst providing technical support to customers.


UCHealth’s patients require secure access to My Health Connection, UCHealth’s patient portal. With this custom app, patients can:

  • View their medical record
  • Request an appointment
  • Receive appointment reminders
  • Schedule a ‘Virtual Visit’
  • Email their doctor
  • Renew or refill a prescription
  • View test results

Patients can also search for a doctor or location, and view UCHealth Today’s blog feed for the latest news on innovative care, healthy living, etc.

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